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last week of school
this last week I will not be in class. As you probably know i also teach 8th graders and this week they have exit interviews at the district office. The substitute will continue a packet we started last week about important places throughout the United States. Please look through the students grade sheet and hand anything missing into my class. We will take this last week to learn like its the first week. No let downs.
Mr. Renaud
First weeks of May
We continue are studies of the United States. This Monday they have an assessment in the text book. The students also studied globalization and how that is becoming very important in todays life. I will be at 8th grade Exit Interviews next week so, my time is very limited with your students. We will study more about globalization for the next couple weeks. I am also having them do a study on multiple cultures and important people with multiple cultures.
Mr. Renaud
April 24th to the 28th
Thanks for your support. I haven't graded the test yet but I can see many improvements in their testing. Many students sign up for retakes on their first test but few actually come. They need to work on this in the future. As the end of the school year ends i have a bit of advice for them. HOMEWORK Many believe that work should only be done in the school. Many are going to drastically change there attitude towards doing homework. Next week we intend to work on the southern part of the USA.
Mr. Renaud
April 17th to April 25th
Hello parents:
I am writing this for a little help. Many of the students did not do well on the test they took last week on the states and capitals on the Eastern side of the USA. I have told many of the students to set up a time to retake the test. Although many have they don't show up. I don't feel its very fair for me to keep wasting my time showing up to help when the students continue to not show up. I will keep trying but this will be short lived. This Thursday we have a quiz on the Western states. Each student was giving a study guide. I hope they learn from past mistakes and study for the upcoming quiz.
Mr. Renaud
for 4-14
6th grade parents- We have a test on states and capitals coming up tomorrow. We have reviewed this the last two days. Each student has a study guide to study off of tonight. I am asking for your help because many of the students have not even looked at the study guide and show little knowledge of the upcoming test. Please have them study. The test is about the states on the east coast. If the student does not do well they need to arrange a date and time to do a retake with me.
Mr. Renaud
April 3rd to April 7
This week we focused on the economy of the United States. We used a graphic organizer to show that the economy varies upon location. In the following few weeks the students will be taking physical map tests. the student will need to know the location of states and its capital. We will start out this week with the Eastern part of the United States. The students will be handed out study guides on Monday and be tested on Friday. Please help your student study for these upcoming quizzes.
Mr. Renaud
March 28th
Hello and I hope you had a great break. This week we are watching some great School Rock videos and learning about economics, The students will also need to finish a physical map of The United States. With the start of the 4th quarter the students start with a clean slate. Remind them that this is an opportunity to complete a better grade than they did last time or to repeat the same grade as last time.
Mr. Renaud
march 6th -march 10th
Hello parents. This week is the last of the week of the 3rd quarter. Students need to make sure they have everything turned in before Thursday since we don't have school on Friday. I know that each 6th grader has been checking their own grades through out the quarter in their advisory class. Please check your students grade and encourage your student to get things turned in. This week we will start a new kind of Bell Ringer in my class. Since we are starting the study of the United States, they will work on worksheets about American objects in an fun page packet each class. Once again I will put a grade in for this every two weeks.
Mr. Renaud
Feb. 27 to March3
Hello parents,
This week we worked on Canada as well as economics. We studied how supply and demand effect the price of goods and services. We will finish off Canada this week with a physical map test on Tuesday. The student will receive a study guide on Tuesday to study for the test on Thursday. You can help your student study by quizzing them on territories, provinces, and great lakes.
Mr. Renaud
week of Feb. 13th to Feb. 17th
This week we worked on how to find things with an Atlas. W found out that an Atlas can be used for many reasons. next week we will pick up our studies on Canada.
Mr Renaud
week of Jan 30 to Feb 3
Hello to all,
This week we worked on our essay during the two short days. Most students finished. Those that did not are required to finish it by class on Monday. They may use the computer or finish this or writing. This essay is important and if a student does not finish will be required to come in at lunch break after they eat until they hand me a finished assignment. Next week we will turn our studies to Canada.
Mr. Renaud
week of Jan 23 to 27
Hello parents.
This week we are studying the Maya civilization. The students are working on 4 documents. They then pick the most remarkable aspect of the Maya and write a DBQ about why they picked this document over the other documents. We will continue this assignment into next week.
Mr. Renaud
Jan4th to 13th
Hello parents and welcome back. We are still studying about South America. We also used a day to work on an Atlas as well as current events. I plan to take one of the classes this week to talk about the importance of Martin Luther King Jr. Soon we will be turning our studies toward Canada. Lets shoot for an incredible 3rd and 4th quarter.
Mr. Renaud
2 days before break
Hope this report finds you in great holiday spirits. The end of the quarter is at hand. When your student returns from break they will be officially through the 2nd quarter and onto the third. At this point I am very pleased at many things. My wish list for many is to get into the swing of doing some work at home. Many believe that when the last bell rings it is no longer learning time. Many also have an idea that they don't have any work to make up if they are absent. Responsibility comes with age and they should be at that standard. Overall your students are a treat to see everyday and are true Highland Huskies
December 5th through the 9th
Hello parents,
This weekwe studied the history, economics, and the geography of Brazil. We went to the zoo on Monday and had a great educational time. We timed it just right with the weather. We will continue our work on Brazil and other South American countries. Please help to keep your child focused until Christmas break.
Thanksgiving break
Hello everybody, I hope you had a great break and look forward to the three weeks and a few days before Christmas break. We are ending the unit on Central America and are moving on to South America this week.
Mr, Renaud
Nov. 1 and Nov 3rd
The sixth graders are hard at work putting together a power point presentation on a country of choice in Central America or in the Caribbean Sea. The presentation must include a slide about each of the following: The Georaphy, the economics, the government, the History, and some culture. They are working very hard and I can't wait to see their presentations.
Mr. Renaud
Oct 25th and 27th
We started on Central Americas economy and then we took a total different direction and filled out a packet on the life of the President Of The United States. I thought this might be a great time to do some learning on how a Candidate runs for President. We will get back to Central America this week.
Mr. Renaud
week of Oct 17 to 21
The 6th graders finished up the week and the quarter by a few quizzes on Mexico. They learned the Geographic features as well as its economy, history, and government. We will start next quarter on the study of Central America. I hope to see many of you at conferences this week.
week of Oct. 3rd to Oct 7th
This week we studied the economy and the geography of Mexico. We also spent a day performing a play about Cesar Chavez. It was a great week. I encourage you to look at your child's grade by visiting the parent portal. This is important because we are very close to the end of the quarter and the student must turn in things this quarter if they want to improve their 1st quarter grade.
Thank you,
Mr. Renaud
the week starting on The 26th of September
This week we did a DBQ essay on the Aztecs. Like the MAPS test i will see if they make progress through the year in using documents to improve their understanding of past events The students are working very hard. Please check the parent portal to keep up to date on their grade, if you are confused on how to get on please call Julie at the High School and she will get you on.
Mr. Renaud
Sept12 to Sept 16th
This week we did a little review on the terrible event that happened 15 years ago. The students were very interested and very respectful about 9-11. We also talked a little about the election and worked on a map in this weeks version of junior scholastic magazine. We are starting a DBQ. This is a study of primary sources and writing an essay at the end. The DBQ is about the Aztec situation and will lead us to to the studies of Mexico.
Thanks, Mr. Renaud
Sept. 6-9
Hello 6th grade parents,
This we are studying on how it felt to be an explorer. Its a simulation that requires the student to write a journal as they sail across the ocean for Spain or Portugal. They will see the many sacrafices were made on the journey to the New World.
Mr. Renaud
Week of August 29 to Sept 2
Good day,
This week the students created there own island. They had to make three different maps of the island including a political, physical, and an elevation map. Next week we will work on exploration a bit. Have a great 3 day weekend
August 16th to August 18th
What a great start of the school year. This week we went over expectations in my class. The students have my class every other day. We went over latitude and longitude on Thursday and played battle ship using exact location.
Mr. Renaud
First day of school
Hi parents and guardians,
I just wanted to insure you in saying the staff is looking forward to a great year and you can be assured that your child is in a great place during the school hours. A few things about my class that I want you to know about. the students are required to buy a planner at the front office. When the students come into my class they will copy what we are doing that day. This a great way to keep you aware of what we are doing in the classroom. We also have daily bell work. The students need to keep the bell work paper as it is due biweekly. Many times we watch CNN Student News as our bell work. I feel it is very important that the students are aware of what is happening in the world currently. I preview the channel every time i use it in my class to make sure everything is appropriate. I will especially be watching it extra close this year to make sure they are not favoring a presidential candidate. I am more than willing to create a alternate activity if you prefer your student not to watch CNN News.
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